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OLD NONSENSE: A SCRIPT Joy Achuonjei (Admissions Office, Columbia University) (more…)

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Open Wound: ‘Buffalo 66’ (Vincent Gallo, 1998) 

Mary Schuler DeWitt I decided that my last review as a doctoral candidate would be the film, Buffalo 66 (1998), directed by and starring Vincent Gallo -- a bit of a throwback from the 90s, but a nice break from the mainstream films that are so often reviewed. I had heard a lot about this movie …

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HK Summer Hits, 2012 – Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection and The Four (Wu Ershan, 2012) 

HK Summer Hits, 2012  (Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection and The Four) By Jim Feast I’ve always been skeptical of the view that at some deep level the mythologies of all cultures are interchangeable. While this belief may be useful for the type of comparisons carried out by writers such as Claude Levy-Strauss and Joseph …

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